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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Not Romantic, Fauxmantic
23 August
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For historical sake, I am leaving my bio up as was written in 2009 and follows below:

Currently alive, check back periodically for updates.

In other news: I'm a Tour/Road Manager for bands (Currently on tour down under with Leonard Cohen). I am a photographer (well if you're reading this the preceding statement is obvious) and I will eventually be a director (stay tuned for that development). I do a bit of writing as as well as production.

I am a bit of a Libertine, but I also subscribe to a philosophy of care. I contradict myself often and repeatedly. I snap pictures incessantly and I don't sleep much. I'll talk for hours on most any subject, but as for my own creative/artistic work, I offer very little explanation. I am currently trying to learn Photoshop (I'm a classically trained photographer, but who has the time and resources for a darkroom these days), if we happen to be in the same city and you'd like to do a shoot, i'll make the time (see the aforementioned not sleeping much).

I welcome all criticism, constructive or otherwise.

Where in the world am I today:

19 Wellington, NZ
20 Wellington, NZ
21 Auckland, NZ
22 Auckland, NZ
23 Melbourne, AU
24 Yarra Valley, AU
25 Adelaide, AU
26 Melbourne, AU
27 Sydney, AU
28 Sydney, AU
29 Sydney, AU
30 Sydney, AU
31 Hunter Valley, AU

01 Bowral, AU
02 Brisbane, Au
03 Brisbane, AU
04 Melbourne, AU
05 Melbourne, AU
06 Perth, AU
07 Perth, AU
08 Melbourne, AU
09 Melbourne, AU
10 Melbourne, AU
11 Los Angeles, CA
12 Los Angeles, CA
13 Los Angeles, CA
14 Los Angeles, CA
15 Los Angeles, CA
16 Los Angeles, CA
17 New York City, NY
18 New York City, NY
19 New York City, NY
20 New York City, NY
21 New York City, NY
22 New York City, NY
23 Los Angeles, CA
24 Los Angeles, CA
25 Los Angeles, CA
26 Los Angeles, CA
27 Los Angeles, CA
28 Los Angeles, CA

I'm Male and Single.

Not Romantic, Fauxmantic
Los Angeles, CA, U. S. and A.

2009 Running Goals

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