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Bus Riders
For the first time ever, there is a dog on the tour bus!! I have to say, i am stoked. Meet Marley

She is riding with us from Portland (yesterday) to Kansas (on the 4th). She is the coolest and she slept in my bunk last night. She even peed a little on my jacket which was balled up by my feet, but she was sweet and only peed a little, then she woke me up, at 8:30am (i went to bed around 6:30am) and we went for a walk and i took this pic in Denny Park, which is in Seattle, which is where we are. Right now, Marley is on the bus by herself watching Menace To Society... i guess there's no accounting for taste.

Modest Mouse - * - Interstate 8 - * - Building Nothing Out Of Something

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aw how cute, she's fuschia! haha just kidding but she really does look pink

She is rather red isn't she. She's a doll though.

awww. she's so cute. so cute that she can even get away with urinating on your stuff. :)
cute dogs can get away with murder.

you have to be pretty cute to get away with peeing on my stuff, and yes, marley is pretty darn cute ;)

how fucking cute!!! Will i get to see her on the next tour? maybe?

No, this is a single shot. She's just hitching a ride to Kansas. Bummer though, having a dog on the bus cheers everyone up.

Here via friends of friends


A Vizsla!

Re: Here via friends of friends

Welcome Mr. Finn ;)

So, is she contraband or is it okay she is there?

Daschaunds RULE... Don't listen to people when they say they are real dogs! They, of course, ARE... just real little.

And they are bad-ass.

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