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Bus Riders

For the first time ever, there is a dog on the tour bus!! I have to say, i am stoked. Meet Marley

She is riding with us from Portland (yesterday) to Kansas (on the 4th). She is the coolest and she slept in my bunk last night. She even peed a little on my jacket which was balled up by my feet, but she was sweet and only peed a little, then she woke me up, at 8:30am (i went to bed around 6:30am) and we went for a walk and i took this pic in Denny Park, which is in Seattle, which is where we are. Right now, Marley is on the bus by herself watching Menace To Society... i guess there's no accounting for taste.

Modest Mouse - * - Interstate 8 - * - Building Nothing Out Of Something
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