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City by the Bay

It's weird
to be back
in california

of course
i'm not there now

now i'm in portland
land of the ports
and no sales tax

but i was in california
and it felt like home
more so than
any other place

i got to hang out with emily
almost the entire day yesterday
and this made entire
i love that lady so much
more than i've ever loved anyone
and she means the absolute world to me

nothing is ever simple with me
nothing is ever easy
i don't know why it's that way
i wish it wasn't
i'd like to think that i was just
easy like sunday morning
but i'm more like
monday morning rush hour

i have no answers for this question
i just have these feelings
love is a crazy thing
i don't know what or where or how
but i'm so very grateful that
emily and mia are in my life
they give meaning to the parts
of this existence that matter
and they get me
in ways i never thought
anyone ever would

i don't know how
to label what we are
we just are
that may not be enough
for the rest of the world
that may not answer the questions
but it will have to do

i just know that i'm not going anywhere
though i am going everywhere
my heart is in the cruz
with the neuman girls
who live on bikes
and breezy days
skeeball queens and
lovers of bad movies

they are my people
and i love them.

Broken Social Scene - * - Stars and Sons - * - You Forgot It in People



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