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When the lights go down in the city...

We (shannon, dan, the moms, and myself) went north to San Fran for a little day trip and we had a blast. I wish i could hang with my parents like that. I wish i could have a some what intelligent conversation with my parents, dare to dream joey, dare to dream.

So we went to the Cliff House and some museum there and i snapped a ton of cool pics, which hopefully one day i'll be able to post. Then we crossed the Golden Gate bridge and admired the crisis counsling phones located on the bridge. We didn't jump. Then we snake'd over to the Haight (sp?) and had lunch, and i saw the a really interesting idea for a halloween costume...

We cruised over to Chinatown and did some trinket shopping before heading back south to the cruz. All in all, a pretty fun day. At times my mind was elsewhere, i couldn't help it, but there are conversations waiting to be had.

Now i'm heading out to drive around a little, a have the S+D car and even though nothing is open here in town, sometimes it's just good to drive.



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