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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Art Farts
We made this:

This is a Mia and Joey, one of a kind collage. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday might. It's a collage on canvas, about 16x16 and we used newspaper, magazine clippings, and lots and lots of gel medium glue. Hooray.

Aphex Twin - * - One - * - Melodies From Mars

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I love it! Almost as much as my birthday card collage.

Now the birthday card, that was a masterpiece if i do say so myself, we've turned Clark st into quite the art studio!!

(Deleted comment)
That's very inspiring! I LOVED making collages.

I love making them too, and now Mia (who is 9) is way into them. She did mot of the work on this one, including picking and cutting out most of the images. She outlined most of it and we designed it together. We've decided to do one after every tour. So each time we're together we'll make a new piece. This should be an interesting series to say the least!

I don't know who Mia is!

Hey, I'm thinking of taking off work tomorrow. When do you get to Mpls?

Mia is Emily's kid. :)
We won't get into Mpls until
Sat morning :(

I love the spangly dress, the dog and the flowers. Very cool. xolaura

whenever i get pissed i cut up album art and shit and i make huge collages just like that... it helps me not kill people

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