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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Random Is Good
Step 1: Open your iTunes/Winamp or other music player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first 20 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

1. Mr. Bojangles - Sammy Davis, Jr.
2. No Myth - Michael Penn
3. Today Is The Day - Yo La Tengo
4. Go Carts - Bill Cosby
5. We're Going To Washington - Howard Dean
6. How Long is To Long - The Get Up Kids
7. California - Phantom Planet
8. Sleepwalker - Santo & Johnny
9. That Kind of Girl - Mary Lou Lord
10. Life In Vain - Daniel Johnston
11. Don't Know Why - Norah Jones
12. Sweet Jane - Cowboy Junkies
13. Pure - The Lightning Seeds
14. Bunnies - Pansy Division
15. Brim Full of Asha - Cornershop
16. It Never Rains In Southern California - Tony! Toni! Tone!
17. Save The Overtime For Me - Arnold Schwarzenegger
18. Travelling Light - Tindersticks
19. Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta - Geto Boys
20. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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We're Going To Washington - Howard Dean hahahahahaha

That sounds fun, I wonder what will come up.. I wont be able to do it until I get home, but I will then.. Of course I have about 14,000 mp3's and its a verry eclecitc mix, so it should be interesting.

I think you have a twin and not the HRC guy, a fellow right here in Portland. I encountered him on the train yesterday. I just kept staring at him b/c he looked seriously, just like you. He probally thought I was creepy.

Sometimes I don't think I realize how much I miss my friends until a velveta stranger reminds me of the real deal. So anyways, hugs from P-land.

I've been hearing this same kinda thing lately.... weird. There's some kid in Lawrence who supposedly looks just like me, and his name is Joey!!! So weird. Hey, mark your calender, March 30th, the Get Up Kids are playing the Aladin Theatre ;)

I will be there!!! :)

please take me off your friends list

i enjoyed you. i will see you soon, goodman.

hey i cant make the philly show so you dont have to worry about guestlisting me sorry dude maybe some other time

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