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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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TGUK Video
Man, sometimes i can be so out of the loop. I had no idea this was even being used, but Matt Pryor put together a little video that is about 98% my photos. It's on the Vagrant site, try one of these links, the song is called "Man of Conviction", just click the link to see the video.



Ryuichi Sakamoto - * - Little Buddha - * - Moto.Tronic

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That's so sweet. I love it! I'm listening to Good Mourning!

Yay! Although it took forever to DL (dial-UP style) well worth the wait. Clever, fun! Miss you.

You are the person who is so good at everything w/out even trying it kills me.

Maybe that could be your gig, documenting tours...The pics you took really convey the feeling of what I imagine it would be like to be on tour. I don't imagine that is an easy thing to express.

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