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(no subject)
I'm in NYC today
i love this town
i never thought i would
ever get the guts to move here
but after being in the city
and spending the day
working at the kinetic
records office
i think i could do it
which presents a dilemma
of sorts
i'm planning on moving to la
but at the same time
i love my friends/family
in santa cruz
la or new york
would be great for business
and for finding new challenges
but i don't know
if i'll ever be happy any place
it seems i'm only okay on the road
like i need the hum of the engine
and sounds of the tires across
the pavement to feel okay

maybe today is just one of those days
that are better spent in bed

Yo La Tengo - * - Dr. Crash - * - Today Is the Day! - EP

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three cheers to the east coast

ps nj is way cooler

you know how i feel about this dilemma. oh wait, there's no dilemma! succumb!

Start spreading the news... I'm leavung today. I want to be apart of it, in old New York.

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