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Big Sur Bound

We drove south today. Standing on the cliffs by Big Sur, you feel like you're at the end of the world, but first grade taught you better.
I've been shooting pics like crazy, i almost feel like i did when i was kid, shooting pics of tires and front grills in the apartment complex parking lot, only now my mom doesn't get pissed when a roll of film comes back with 36 pictures of hub caps.
i got my californis drivers license in the mail, do i really look like that? it did help to make me feel more at home, which i do. i really love it here, but sometimes i feel like the rug is about to be pulled from under my feet. but maybe not, maybe things will work out just fine. you know, for a 27 year old man, i'm a little bitch, i worry too much.
i think we might go to the Mystery Spot tomorrow, i love that place, i makes me think of that book by Steve King "the tommyknockers", there are strange things a foot at the circle k.
hopefully tomorrow, eye contact.
It's Friday (tomorrow), i ain't got no job, i ain't got shit to do, i'm gonna... learn excel for real. i'm a geek i know.



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