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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Is it just me, or do other places besides LA have crazy shit like this?

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Nor Cal is guilty too baybee!

carl's jr... :)

That is crazy, they don't have a Carl's Jr near me in Santa Cruz. There's one at the Crapatola Mall, but thats a bit of a drive. I was in LA and that just snuck up on me.... i was very unprepared.

one can never be prepared for what carl's jr. produces. if you happen to catch a commercial, you will be disgusted.

crapatola!!! hahaha!

I thought the one at the Crapitola mall went bye bye???

See, thats what happens when you spend 10 months of the year in a damn van. I never get the memo on anything anymore.

I know the feeling all to well..

Yea. Carl's Jr., Subway, Blimpie's... all have low-carb stuff. This Atkins thing is out of control.

Its amazing how quickly the whole Atkins diet became a part of our culture. I know it's been around since the late 70's i think, but i wonder what was the Tipping Point that made it so huge in recent years.

Been seeing stuff around St. Louis like that. Ugh, LA, KEEP AWAY!!

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