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Being back in the Cruz has been amazing. This place really is different. The air is different, gravity is different, it's more than a feeling so to speak. I love living at P-street and the thought of leaving my (sort of a) room is saddening. The other thing about the Cruz is the people. The Neuman girls are here, Shannon and Dan are here, and all the amazing people i've met and befriended are here. I just feel lucky sometimes, and right now is one of them.

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I've always had a romanticized idea of what it's like there...

Once you get past the all the hippies and extreme socialists, and the ridiculously high rents, and the fact that no one i know can afford to buy a house here; it's pretty damn awesome. Just being able to head over to West Cliff Drive and see how amazing Monterrey Bay is, man, that is so worth it. Still, it's tough because there are zero jobs in my field.

happy to hear your happiness. i must explore CA.

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