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Sort of a Homecoming

Well, i'm back in the Cruz. Shannon and Dan and their Mom's (who are out visiting together!) came and picked me up at the airport in San Jose. That was a sweet way to arrive. We went back to their apartment and i snuggled with the pigs (who are dogs named elliot and roo) and ate cheese pizza and listened to prank phone calls that i picked up on tour. Pretty nice way to ease back into the scene. Tomorrow i think we're going down to Cannary Row to do some site seeing, that should be super fun. The only bummer came when Dan dropped me off at my house... someone has taken all of my blankets! And as far as i can tell, i'm missing at least one book. This is a real buzz kill. In fact, it fucking sucks. But i'm not going to let it bug me, Dan brought over some blankets and i'll track mine down in the morning, so it's not a huge deal. The other odd thing is there is a bunch of stuff that is not mine in my room. A couple books, a bunch of magazines, a pipe, some vhs tapes, and a fed-ex box with no name on it. Weird.
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