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These Are Things I Have Posted

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under the bright lights of vegas
4-3-02 Vegas.
It's the first day of the Face to Face tour, and as fate would have it, we have the day off in Vegas. The last time i was here i was getting married in a whirlwind of activity that is still largely ... a bit fuzzy. Everything looks just like it should, but now i find myself feeling odd attachments to the weirdest of places. I got all choked up as i walked by the swatch store, i found myself smiling as i remembered sitting in the car at Belagio as we decided not to stay there. Let's just say it wasn't easy. I don't really know what went wrong, at the same time, i know exactly what went wrong. I went wrong. I should come with a warning label. I'm expired goods.

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i wish there were words to say how it feels to read this entry.
i wish there was was brillent verbage to explain exactly how i feel...
but i am sure that you know...

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