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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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"The Return of the OG" Tour
These are the dates for the the up coming Get Up Kids tour. Check them out and get your "guest list" requests in early ;)


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I will be at the philly one, ohhh yes, I will.

what the hell is that icon of lover

ill be at the philly one also with this lovely girl above me 11_11. and i saw a picture with you in the background on some website with james in a santa suit.

I'm going to the chicago and detroit shows...since there is no cleveland show...boooooooo. I can't wait...i wont be able to sit for a week afterwards!

how is everything i miss you guys holla

Hi, Joey! I miss you. Look it's scuba.

I will be driving sio_allister and 11__11 to the TLA sir mos def. there's my request haha

hah oh sio you are too cute and we go to school together how could i not provide transpo granted we may die in the car ride there

How about I drive there? haha, I get my license in 2 weeks.

You know Jess and I will be in Minneapolis! Get there a day early and come grill with us!

Has St. Louis fallen off the map?

hey, you know I always wanna see you...

Jan 28th, @ Berbit's Pan, the band is called South, they are from England, you will be on the list. Come down if you have time! :)


What time is the show? I think I have a client dinner that night, but I really want to come and see you...

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