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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Please take this poll
If you haven't already, please take this poll. I know i already posted this, but this is one of those polls that actually will get attention since the creators of the poll were hoping that everyone would vote to oppose gay marriage. So do all your queer friends a favor and vote in favor on gay marriage.

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Done. My father supports equal rights to civil union, but does not support gays raising children. My brother says it's selfish for a gay couple to adopt a child. He thinks that the child will be put through too much misery and ridicule and confusion. I told him that critics of inter-racial marriages used the same argument. Anyhow... I don't understand how some of the smartest men I know are still homophobic.

Hey, I switched out my LJ, so kill the clotheswhore and add the sara_no_h, baby!

I did you the favor, now add me!

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