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These Are Things I Have Posted

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I wish there was a way to tell her how much i still love her. How much i still think about her all the time, how my heart is so heavy with the thought that i've made her feel this way. I wish there was an easy fix, i wish there was something i could do, some switch i could throw that would make me feel ... normal? I hope one day i can make her know these things. I pray daily for nothing more than her happiness.

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she knows, perhaps... think about the better. know she knows. "feel this way," as in the way you feel?
hey, when you find the switch, wait until i get there, then flip it on.
i like the dark alone; i like the light with another.

pray? you didn't mean that literally did you? you pray?

Call her and tell her!!!!! Or write her a letter. She must want to hear from you, or long to hear your voice. When there's a will there's always a way. No easy fix just... gosh there is no cure. I guess you never really feel normal again, well for me just a little lost sometimes. Occasionally wander off track.

call her up and tell her!

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