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Not Quite Venice, or Santa Monica

I'm still here in LA, and i'm a little spoiled at the moment, someone in Scott's building is broadcasting wireless Internet over an airport station, and since my laptop has a nifty little airport card, i'm on-line, full-time. Way too cool.

Last night, Scott’s wife Rie spent about two hours putting new tracks into my iTunes, so now i've got a couple hundred new songs to listen to, which is nice.

I still feel like i'm moving, though i haven't moved in hours. I'm kinda excited to get home and check out the mail, my new California driver’s license should be there. Maybe then i'll feel more... off tour.

The bands travel agent is looking for flights for me right now. I think i can get on the 9pm Southwest flight for wednesday, but Shannon and Dan's car is DOA, so i'm not sure how i'm going to get over the hill from San Jose. Oh well, something will work out.

My goal during this time off is to hit up all the places that i fell in love with over the years (all the places i found while on tour and playing shows in the extended Bay area). The little movie theatre in downtown Los Gatos, Taco Bravo in San Jose, The Palace to buy pens, and the Rush to watch Monday night football with all the booze hounds, and the boardwalk for funnel cakes and corn dogs. Not to mention hitting up bookstores and doing a large, huge, massive amounts of hanging out. :)

I'd like to start exercising again, i told myself that i would start working out in september, well, it's almost november and i'm still... unmoved.

There are a stack of books still unread in my bedroom at the P-Street house, not to mention the stacks of boxes in storage in st louis. Speaking of which, i think i'm flying to st lou after the mini-get up kids tour in november, i'll hang out a couple days and then drive my car back west, which should be an adventure. My brother swears my car will make it, but who knows, it a pretty solid car, but it does have a 180 thousand miles on it. Anyone want to take a road trip?

okay, i'm in LA, it's time to leave the house, i think Scott and Rie and i are going to the Foo Fighters Release party tonight. Scott's brother plays guitar in the Foo Fighters, and there's some crazy party tonight to celebrate and schmooze. That should be fun. I still need to get some work done today, lots of it, some heres to that jack.

okay, it's shower time. Bring on the clean.



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