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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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old Climber crap
I was surfing, the internet, and came by an old Climber interview... yikes, the years do fly by.... http://hcmagazine.com/magazine.cfm/content/interviews/0,1,0000256,00.html

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Consider myself schooled. Let's start an email band.


Joey, how about you share an original next time we meet?
You must! Unless you have retired your creative notions? I don't think so. That's that then. Do you need some WD40?
Hope all is well.

Hey, is there any Climber merch left? I would like to get my lil' paws on a T-shirt- old skool style.

It was great seeing you yesterday. :)

I'l have to check and see if there's any left when i get to st louis on the 7th. If there is a Sara sized shirt, i'll snag you one. BTW, it was awesome to see you last night!! I'm stoked you and the T-man are doing so well!

Thanks, J! I would be mucho grateful toahve some Climber duds. I still listen to the two CD's I have all the time. You all had more than a super cutie's :) , you really were good!

Whenever you get back into the swing of things I would be eager to hear what you turn out. You have an instant fan.

Yeah, me and Tony are doing quite well...If we could just get our apartment straightened out it would rule.

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