Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic


Hey ya'll, i need to get some data for the statistics class i'm in, so if you have a minute, please fill out this little survey. Thank you!

1. Do you consider yourself too old to drive? (Alt: Do you consider grandmother/father etc too old to drive?)
2. What kind of problems do you encounter (if any) when you drive? (What kind of problems do they encounter (if any) when they drive?
3. Do you know any older drivers that experience difficulty driving? (Have you experienced trouble as the result of being on the road with older drivers?)
4. Have you or any other older driver you know been involved in an accident?
5. Have you been mandated to re-certify for your drivers license? (Has your family member been mandated to re-certify for their drivers license?)
6. At what age did the DMV require that they get yearly re-testing?
6. Do you feel that it is necessary for you to re-test for your license? (For them to re-test on a yearly basis?)
7. What would you recommend for older drivers?
8. Does the DMV in your area have a program for older drivers?
9. Has your insurance gone up or gone down as you've gotten older?
10. Do you think that you are a better driver now than you were 10 years ago?
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