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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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the long drive
This is the drive we do tomorrow night... in a van, with basically two drivers. yeah.

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i wish i was at 300 westheimer right now :(

i'm driving from san jose to houston all by myself in a month!

be safe joey <3

Wow.... And I thought I traveled far. Good luck,(I'm talking to asia right now one the phone).... we miss you guys. ~tear~ Straight in the heart of Texas.

tell the brats to behave themselves.

Oh joey, joey, joey. I miss you. i can give you a list of things to think of... a lil focus. or just one thing...
How plain does it appear that there is not another condition of life so well suited for philosophising as this in which thou now happenest to be."

it's from here: http://classics.mit.edu/Antoninus/meditations.2.two.html

It's a little maddening. But he's genuis.

i made a dumb mad poll at that ringo.com. take it.
an activity. well you made it there by now. you've had a day off and soon enough you will further aways from the capital of the free world.
i'll make sure to keep business going as usual until next time.
you've come a long way baby. i am impressed.

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