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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
do you watch yourself and wonder who the hell is driving?

reading old e-mails, looking at pictures, wondering where the hell i went.

what is wrong with me?

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I'm usually more impressed where I ended up when I look back at what I WAS...

Hopefully it will keep getting better.

If you are troubled, perhaps I can interest you in


Poker night!
I wish i could partake, but i have a feeling i'm going to be a crappy mood for a couple months, emily and i just broke up yesterday ... four days shy of our one year anniversary. i leave friday for a 7 week tour, the timing couldn't be worse. sometimes i just amaze myself, i can be such a bastard. i don't even know who the hell i am anymore. this just sucks.

anyhoot, thanks for post, it made me smile, maybe i can make one day for some poker, that would be a hoot.

Dude, I'm so sorry about Emily. It sounds like she was really cool... Is your rock-n-roll lifestyle a bit too much for her?

That does it. We'll have to hookup for sure when you're in Mpls again. I will look back in your LJ and get it on Jess's/my "schedule"... we'll shoot for a babysitter and come hang.

We could even just pick you up and you could tell us where to go--maybe you'd be happy to be in a little car again... does the van have Xbox???

I'm sorry again about your relationship with your girlfriend...

I don't know you well, nor do I know anything about what happened, so I don't know if you're a bastard or not, though when I met you, you didn't seem like one.

At any rate, I realize that regardless of circumstances, this sucks for you too, so I'm sorry. Take care of yourself.

thank you for your thoughts.
this does suck, and i feel awful.
i wish there was something that i could point to and say it's this
but there isn't. i'm out of orbit and out of my mind.

Wow, I'm sorry to here that. Cheer up your an awesome guy... one of the coolest guys I ever met. If it was ment for you it will work out. Hold your head up high. :)

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