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i'm a surfer
surf report: a couple days ago i bought a surfboard, it's a 9 foot Pearson Arrow and i got it used and it's it super sweet condition. Flash forward to today...

I got to go surfing and try out the new board and for the first time ever i stood up on a wave!! Fully rode it in to shore and would have made it to the sand if Danny hadn't caught the same wave and rammed me!

Surfing is amazing. I highly recommend everyone try it soon.

That's all, have a great friday night.

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That's awesome!

I don't know that I'd want to try surfing, but I've never even been to the ocean so I can't say for sure. 'swhat I get for living in land-locked states.

soooo jealous you're surfing!!! too cold here to try. california coming soon! in a wetsuit!

you should come to Santa Cruz to surf! there are great spots for all levels of surfing and the best part is, during the winter when all the tourists are gone, is when the waves are the best!

I bet with the right wetsuit and booties and gloves ... and hat, you might be able to go for a couple east coast sets on the waves ... or maybe not ;)

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