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listy stolen from blo0diedup

1. Nirvana- yes sir
2. Sublime- not so much
3. Depeche Mode- an old fav
4. Linkin Park-no
5. No Doubt- when i'm driving
6. Rage Against the Machine- when i'm feeling 1994
7. U2- 2nd best band out of Ireland
8. Green Day- for a laugh
9. Beastie Boys- when i'm drunk
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers- no
11. Blink-182- nahh
12. System of a Down- no
13. The Smashing Pumpkins- the softer songs
14. Korn- no
15. Bob Marley- during the summer
16. Metallica- sure
17. The Offspring- no
18. The Cure- always
19. Incubus- they're nice guys
20. Stone Temple Pilots- no
21. Pearl Jam- first two records
22. Tool- no
23. Radiohead- yeah
24. 311- very no
25. Nine Inch Nails- not so much
26. Weezer- yes
27. Social Distortion- the old songs
28. The Smiths/Morrissey- yes please
29. Jane's Addiction- want to, but no
30. Oingo Boingo- never
31. Alice In Chains- na
32. Limp Bizkit- no
33. The Clash- yes
34. Dave Matthews Band- i like the songs dave fans hate
35. Creed- no
36. The Ramones- yep
37. Staind- no
38. R.E.M.- yes and yes!!
39. Bush- no
40. Bad Religion- very no
41. Foo Fighters-yes sir
42. New Order- yup
43. Soundgarden- na
44. Garbage- nope
45. Pennywise- no
46. Violent Femmes- yes!
47. Rob Zombie/White Zombie-nope
48. David Bowie- i know i should, but no
49. Godsmack- no
50. Duran Duran- on the jukebox
51. P.O.D.- no
52. Coldplay- yes please
53. Beck- yeah sure, why not
54. Eminem- hell yeah
55. Deftones- not really
56. Cypress Hill- nahh
57. Oasis- no
58. Jimmy Eat World- kinda
59. Tori Amos- first album
60. Moby- that one soundtrack
61. The Pixies- every damn note
62. Blondie-
63. Live- 1st record
64. Hole- guilty pleasure
65. Rancid- the better songs
66. Fatboy Slim- want to hear more
67. Siouxsie and the Banshees- not exactly
68. Marilyn Manson- like him, not his music
69. Save Ferris- na
70. The Sex Pistols- lame
71. Disturbed- no
72. Billy Idol- on the jukebox
73. The Strokes- the hits
74. The Police- of course
75. Primus- can't stand them
76. The Go-Go's- yeah
77. Everclear- i love this band. i swear, i do, they rock.
78. Bjork- *love love love*
79. Dramarama- no
80. Prodigy- nope
81. The Cult- no
82. Cake- they're fun
83. MxPx- no
84. Third Eye Blind- no
85. Sum 41- no
86. Travis- no
87. Papa Roach- no
88. Devo- yes
89. A Perfect Circle- no
90. New Found Glory- no
91. The Cranberries- when they're on the radio
92. Lit- no
93. The B-52's- yeah
94. Puddle of Mudd- no
95. Blur-theyr'e alright
96. Unwritten Law- no
97. Pet Shop Boys- yeah
98. Hoobastank- no
99. X-YZ ???
100. Lenny Kravitz- no
101. Adema- no
102. Echo & the Bunnymen- yeah
103. Kid Rock- no
104. INXS- yes
105. Everlast/House of Pain- no
106. Faith No More- no
107. Ozzy Osbourne-no
108. NOFX- no
109. Anti-Flag- no
110. AFI- no, but one of em is super hot
111. Glassjaw- nop
112. Wilco - Yes!!
113. Yo La Tengo - yes please



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