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hot friday night

Well, i just finished my homework for the day so that's nice. I'm over at Shannon and Dan's hanging with the pigs while S and D are in LA with MU330 rocking out at Chain Reaction. I'm watching the news, and apparently Iowa State has a BDSM club!! WOW! Who knew that Iowa could be so progressive.

The last week has been first aid central here in the cruz. Both Emily and Mia have been on the DL (that's disabled list for the non-sports watching crowd) and i've been taking care of the girls. I've even had to drag the world's stubbornness lady to the doctor twice in the past three days. But i think the tide has finally turned and the antibiotics are finally kicking in and hopefully this weekend can be all about resting and coalescing.

Right now I'm watching E!, it's a trashy indulgence, but i can't help it. I'm watching Wild On Italy and more than anything, i just want them to show more of the cities. I really want to go to Italy, maybe even live there some day, in a little villa by the sea. Now that would be sweet.

My brother moved to LA this week, that makes two of the Carenza boys that are living in the Golden State. What is it about the West Coast that is in our blood. Watching Wild On Italy, the view and the weather here in the Cruz is very much like that of the coastal Italian cities... maybe it's in the genes.

I'm having a hard time getting into the swing of my class. The class is called Critical Thinking in management, and it's not that it's hard, it's all about analyzing the thought/decision making process (and anyone who knows me knows that i love to analyze) it's just i feel really unmotivated. I feel like there is so much i should be doing, but no matter how much i do, i never feel like I'm doing enough. I think this might be a symptom of going to business school, it instils a certain amount of dread into you that everyone else is doing more faster and cheaper and it carries over into you life. It's not enough for me to be a full time student, to be an artist, to tour manage bands for months at a time, i still feel like i waste vast amounts of time doing nothing. But at the same time, i kinda like doing nothing sometimes. Finding balance is the key i guess.

all right, enough tv fun, i need to scoot across town and check up on the Emily. goodnight ya'll.



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