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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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up for air
I'm still here.
I'm just now resurfacing
which is nice.
Went surfing yesterday and
finally caught a wave
and felt like i was really surfing
it changed my whole world view.
I've been grumpy lately,
and it's old.
I've been missing me,
but i think i found a little
of me on that wave.
I think i might have to go again
today and look for the rest.

My new class started yesterday too,
man the week off in-between classes
really flies by.
This one is on Critical Thinking in Management...
at least it's not math.

I fell asleep (before midnight i think!!)
watching Alice In Wonderland last night
it stone cold knocked me out.

I got on the scale today...
whoa, 208
i need to go on a freakin diet
call me chub - rock.

Anyway, back to class.

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How are you and I going to lose weight? Me=not by sitting around, eating more and exercising less. Blah.

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