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These Are Things I Have Posted

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i finally had to do it... i joined friendster.com.
i'm Joey Renza, so i guess add me if that's what you do.

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ick dont follow thourgh with it its so pointless. im on it and its just gross people trying to date you, it's very corny

the dating aspect is of no interest to me, but i do like friendster despite it's corny shell. at the root, it's a simple game of 6 degrees of separation, and that is very cool. It's amazing how small the planet has become. In less than 24 hours i'm now connected to over 300,000 people. Not so long ago in human history it would have seemed absurd to think that a person could be connected to so many other people. It sounds hokey, but it's an amazing thing if you look at with the proper historical context.

..well if you put it that way


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