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finally. home. back in santa Cruz. let's just say that i am stoked. my two favorite girls (Emily and Mia) picked me up at the airport and we went directly to Taco Bravo and pigged out! I can't think of a better homecoming if i had scripted it in a pitch meeting. It's not late in my world, but it's 2 am in California, and i'm wide awake in the sleepiest of sleepy towns.

I have over a month off... i can't begin to even believe it. I've basically been on tour since March, yikes! And even though i say i'm off, i'm never really off. I still have school full time, i still have road reports to work on, and pre-production for the next tour to do, so there's that. But i'm not away, and that makes all the difference. And even though i can't get too close (due to flying elbows), i'm pleased beyond belief to be right where i am, clicking away on my iBook while Emily sleeps her full contact ninja-style sleep. I would kiss her goodnight, but i don't want a black eye!! ;)

So now that i'm back in the cruz, there is so much i need to do!! First and foremost, i need to get a wet-suit so can get out there and surf everyday. I'm tired of being out of shape, so i'm easing my way back into fitness. I also have a hot new beach cruiser to ride around town, which is awesome. I still can't believe i got a new bike for my birthday, that Emily floors me daily. I need to take the next two weeks and cram math like no ones business, because in two weeks i have math final and then that's it, no more math class, which is nice. I also have to do the groundwork for turning my room at P-Street into more of a usable space. I need to get a desk, and turn that place into an office. I need to run ethernet cable and buy a router so i'll have the high-speed internet. And i need to take care of my taxes and get my car in order, Man i got my work cut out for me!! Shoots, i'll be twice as busy during my time off than i was on the road! And in my free time, i also have to learn how to use: Pro-tools, Reason, Photoshop 7, Final Cut express, Illustrator, Filemaker Pro, and Dreamweaver. Not to mention my ongoing affair with Excel.

Well, i should be trying to sleep, after all, i'm on California time now, and the midget wakes up at the crack of dawn, so i've got to get some shut eye befo' the sun comes up. It's good to be home, and even more wonderful that home is where am at.



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