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Fuck Mars

Today i am thankful for Mars moving the hell away from our orbit. It seems that ever since that randy red planet has been edging into our neck of the woods, things have gotten weird. It's not just me either. All over livejournal and even out in the real world, i've noticed over the past month that people have been acting just plain strange. I chalk this up to Mars and it's alleged underground seas of ice. Try this little test: look around the relationships that are close to you. That means friends, loved ones, your friends' loved ones, you get the idea, now ask yourself, has the last week or so been a little weird in the woods? As for me, I'm freaking stoked to see the war planet move away a little more each night. Hopefully by the time i get home (which is so soon i can barely stand it!!) things will be returning to normal in the old galaxy. In the mean time, lets just agree not to do anything rash in the next couple of days. Everyone needs to get some burrito's, watch some Monster Garage and just be in love. ;)



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