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Happy Birthday for Joey
It's now officially my birthday, yeah. I'm 28, which isn't so bad. The band got me a cake and gave it to my on stage during the show. The next song was FOOD, so i had James throw the cake at the crowd, it was a hoot. The entire front of the stage was covered in cake and the front couple of rows were smeared in frosting...yummy. Well, enough of the party, back to the math homework.

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happy birthday old man. jk jk.



Happy Birthday!!!!!
I love you, you crazy old man.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Saw you at the troc you were great!

I hope you have a happy, happy, birthday, Joey! :)
And, I hope you did something great and childish and ridiculously, "27" yesterday.

Hey You!! how are you? I've been touring like mad and i'm almost done for the summer. What are you doing on Sept 2nd? Reggie is playing Liberty Hall in Larrytown, but the day before, we have a day off and we''l be hanging out, so we should get lunch or something. When is your wedding! Congrats on that, i'm so stoked for you!! Drop me an e-mail or something soon!!

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