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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Almost my Birthday
Okay, my birthday is on Aug 23rd. Which means depending on which fashion mag you read, i'm either a Leo or a Virgo, or both. Anyway, Emily asked me what i want for my birthday, and when i told her, she said, "you have expensive taste for a person that wears nothing but free band t-shirts." (I love that girl!) So i started thinkning maybe i should put together a list, and wouldn't you know it, i do have expensive taste. I guess i am hard to shop for.... Well, here it is, stuff i wouldn't mind owning :)
(not in any kind of order):










okay, thats enough for now, i don't need anything for my birthday is the thing. I feel pretty damn lucky really, these are all things i'd like to have, but none are essential. What i'd really like for my birthday is for some venture capitalist to give me a grant so that i can be me for a living.... i'm not holding my breathe.

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Consider yourself a leo.... we are so much cooler.

I agree, and the Virgo horoscopes never make any sense to me anyway.

Emily should definitely buy you all of this stuff. I mean, it's not THAT expensive of stuff. And definitely all COOL.

True, it's like a new car or anything, but at the same time, i could never let her buy anything this expensive for me, but i will say, it's be cool as hell to own some of these toys.

Ya, same with my birthday. In some magazines I am a Capricorn....when I know for real I am a Sagitarius. (Dec. 21 is my bday)

Howzit, happy b-day to you!

Hey you. Happy Birthday! I'm telling you now in case I forget, because forgetting is what I usually do... Happy b-day JoeyC! Hope you are having a good tour. I went surfing with Matt and his cousin and his cousin's girfried at 6 AM today. I woke up at 5. Can you believe it? I'm done for the day. I think waking up this early messes with my stomach. Well, I'm off to go sit on the toilet. Love, DP

Re: Howzit, happy b-day to you!

Thanks Danny! I can't wait to get home and do some early AM surfing!!

Let's do it yo! Abby is on Caltrain right now. I'm getting ready to go to San Jose to pick her up. She's staying in Santa Cruz this weekend. Fun, and chaotic cause Matt's nephew and girfriend are staying through the weekend too. I'm going to try to get Abby to do some AM surfing tomorrow I think, Fun! Hope things are going good.

family guy is the best show, thank god for reruns of it on adult swim.

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