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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Where in the World is Joey C?
Reggie Second Leg

8/12/03 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - The Factory
8/13/03 - Orlando, Fl - The House Of Blues
8/14/03 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
8/15/03 - Carborro, NC - Cat's Cradle
8/16/03 - day off, drive, dvds, and the mall
8/17/03 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
8/18/03 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
8/19/03 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
8/20/03 - Pittsburgh, PA - Metropol
8/21/03 - New York City, NY - Irving Plaza
8/22/03 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
8/23/03 - Latham, NY - Saratoga Winners
8/24/03 - day off! to the mall!
8/25/03 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda
8/26/03 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
8/27/03 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom
8/28/03 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
8/29/03 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Theatre
8/30/03 - Chicago, IL - The House of Blues (Brothers)
8/31/03 - Minneapolis, MN - The Quest
9/01/03 - day off... okay, we'll go to the mall
9/02/03 - Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall

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why no new jersey date? i am going to the philly date though, good times.

We're playing NYC, so they didn't want us to play Jersey. Philly should be a great show though, it's almost sold out!! I can't wait to hit South Street and get some cheesesteaks, my record is 5 in one day!!

south street is great, i always eatat johnny rockets when im there. you should go for 6 in one day.

the tickets did sellout which sucks cause i was going to buy one today, oh well im still going togo and just ask around for a ticket.play "whats wrong" !!

Let me know if you don't find a ticket.

do you like my chemical romance at all?

I've never heard them. Do you know anything about them?

aren't you playing with them soon/now? they're a harder punk band on eyeball records, same as murder by death.

They're on the second leg of the tour, but i've never met them or even heard they're music!

i'm jealous. i've seen them twice and would love to see them again and again.
but i'm just one of the people who stands out in the crowd and watches.
as a manager, you may well want to kill them, i don't know. maybe they're jerks. maybe they're super nice. maybe they're indifferent.
but their music rocks.

ohhh I'll be at the philly date, I have to just find a way to get in...haha...I'm excited. :D

If you don't get a ticket make sure you let me know before the show and i'll see what i can do.

OHHH you are awesome, I love you.

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