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More Scenes from the "Paco Don't Preach" Tour
More behind the scenes, out of focus, poorly lit scenes from the under belly of the 2003 "Paco Don't Preach" Tour. Not for the faint of art.

Would you believe i was once a golfer?

okay, enough bad photos for now. Next update i'll try to do a little profile of each person in the band. And we play Krazy Fest in Louisville in two days, so they'll be snaps from there. I was i could host little quicktime movies because the ones i shot last night are priceless... well i'd say they're worth about $6.50, so maybe they're not priceless, but at least they're not pricey. Or something like that.

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Check out the HOT Mac laptop!!! Glad to see it's all up and working and hanging in there for ya!!

That's my Mac. This tour is very mac friendly. There are three iBooks, four G4 15" Powerbooks, a 12" P-Book, and one Airport Extreme base station out on the road with us. There are also two or three windoze laptops, but shan't discuss those anymore. This tour (and every tour for that matter) should be sponsered by Apple!!

That sounds awesome!!! I love my Mac at home....but am a *whisper whisper* Windoz use at work which I hate.

is that the house of blues in vegas?

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