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From Here To There
Damn this country is freaking big. No matter how many times i circle the highways and parking lots and alleys of our great nation, it never ceases to amaze me that even though we're just a phone call away, yahoo says we have to drive for days.


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It's probably more like 40 hours, if you include potty breaks and gas-ups.

It's easily more than that. Sometimes yahoo is good, but other times, they are ... confused. It's 36 hours from St Louis to Santa Cruz, so Atlanta to Santa Cruz through the LA area is more like 50 hours.

I was teasing. Only rounding up 1 hour for you... sorry. ;)

for some reason, a road trip like that seems like so much fun with the right person and the right music.
I haven't seen very much of my state let alone the rest of the US and not any of the world for that matter...


No time like the present to roll. it might sound cheesy, but just get in the car and go. You'd be surprised how much there is to explore just a few hours from anywhere. Take the red roads on the map, it takes longer, but you'll see more and find the out of the way places that make the best memories.

I wish I had the money, I am thining I have the guts!

It took us a total of four days driving 12 hours a day to get to Atlanta GA last year. We took 40 the whole way.

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