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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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drive by snapper
here's some recent snaps from the last week or so, enjoy or don't man.

clips from the road

and one more:
Why Mac rules=

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tis true, vegas does rule, especially if you're getting paid top be there!

why thank you, i rather enjoy your snaps as well :)

I'm adding you back, based on this post alone. Sorry, I will have to do my research... but are you the guy that (vague info) tours with bands... are a musician?... know Dave Grohl (me, like a teenage worshipper)...?

I'm scared of quizzes, but hopefully I'll get to read about your life and not what a quiz says you are... I'm picky that way.

Yes, i tour with bands, but i'm also a musician ( http://www.climbermusic.com ). I'm currently out tour managing Reggie and the Full Effect http://www.reggieandthefulleffect.net/home.htm (we'll be at the Quest Club on 8-31-03, let me know if you want to come and i'll put you on the list). I feel ya on the quizzes, but at the same time, i can't help but think they're fun. If that was all a person had in their livejournal than it would be most lame. I just post the ones my friends take so we can compare notes. I find it interesting to see how the way you answer questions on a quiz really gives you insight into the way the person who wrote the quiz sees the world, rather than it being any real commentary about the quiz taker. But i try not to post to many of them, so don't fret. Hopefully you can come out on the 31st, the show is a hoot and there's plenty of drinks and snacks backstage :)

That would be sweet. August seems like "Babysitter Month" so our attendance would be tentative, at best... we'll know more as the date approaches. Thanks, though. It would be cool to meet you.

Ironically, that date also is a date for a possible paddle-boat show with my old band... who knows.

More than likely, Jess and I will be home, hoping for a new HBO series to start.

If we come down, we will see who takes more pics. You or us. Camera make and model, please.

for digital: Canon PowerShot S200

for film: Canon F1 and a couple AE1's

When i bought a digital camera i had to get something take was tough and would fit in my pocket because i knew that i wouldn't carry it around otherwise. The S200 is perfect for that. Now i'm saving up to get the S400 and i'll pass my S200 on to my girlfriend. ( emily_dark in lj-world). I've had my digital camera about a year, and i've taken about 10,137 pictures (okay this is how much of a nerd i am, i just went through all my photo libraries and added up my pictures .... geek factor 9!). You can see some of them here: http://public.fotki.com/joeyrenza/ . Anyhoot. Hopefully you guys can make it, the Reggie show is a non-stop Kodak moment!

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