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For Fucks Sake
I just now finally got my hands on a copy of the best live album ever recorded, "Live at Your Mom's House" by the band For Fucks Sake. Of course I'm partial to the record because I'm in the band and play guitar and sing back up on the record, but that's a minor side-note. The other members of the band include: lead vocal - Jay Parkin, lead bass - Heath (from Midtown), bass - Ryan Chavez (from Panic In Detroit), guitar - Reno (from... Reno), drums - Pete Parada (from Face To Face and Saves The Day), and me Joey Renza on guitar (from Climber). Five songs recorded live at Fitzgerald's in Houston (where Elvis himself once played!) that will blow your doors off. This is super rare and if you're lucky, i might burn one and send it to you.

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oh my lord please send me a copy. it sounds amazing.

If you're offering...

Yes please.

hahaha that is awesome. send me one and you will be my new best friend, I promise.

email me an address and when i get home from this tour i'll burn some copies and sned them out :)

Send, send, send, send, send!!!

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