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Study With ME
Right now, this very minute, i'm skipping Dave Grohl's bachelor party in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues Las Vegas. Instead of walking across the hotel and going to the party (we're on the guest list) I'm sitting here doing the online tutorial for my math class. I'm a fucking loser.

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Man... I want to tell you that I respect your priorities and all that... but... *shakes head*

It's okay... there are bound to be more of these opportunities. Yea?

Yeah, most likely there will be. I've run into them at least 6 or 7 times in the last year. My good friend Scott (the bass player in Face To Face), his little brother plays guitar in the Foo Fighters, so we cross paths a bunch. But it's still a bummer. More than anything, i wish Emily were here so I could take her to the party, she need some party fun.

July 21

Hey Joey C! You are not a loser!!! I am impressed by your dedication!!! Your pics are beautiful, too !!!!xolaura h from St. Lou :)

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