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The World's Biggest Mall Closes at Six pm


Today's show is in Edmonton at a club called Red's which is located inside the world's largest mall which closes at six pm on a saturday night! Weird. There are dolphins here, and an indoor beach/swimming area. Again, weird. Roger (F2F sound man or the abusive older brother i never had J/K) and I went to see "The Rules of Attraction", it was alright, interesting to see straight-laced actors playing racy parts. The book was better, but isn't that as it should be? I've been surfing most of the day, my eyes hurt because my glasses are all scratched up and i need new ones... maybe next month. Sometimes, after you've been on tour for about 8 months (which i have), you start to wonder about things, like why don't i feel more lonely than i do, or why don't i feel homesick, or why does this job work for me and other "normal" jobs do not. Who knows. I do miss going out on dates.. but not that much. More than anything i miss days spent doing nothing but reading, writing, and working on my sketchbooks... ahhh, those were the days. Maybe in November... maybe. Right now i think i'm suffering ear fatigue from the show (six bands tonight!) and i think i'm getting a little bit of a fever, i think i drank to much diet soda today. I could go for nice sandwich right now, or a nap, or a kiss, instead i think i'll go play some pinball.



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