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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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She's a beaut, Clark
Reggie and The Full Effect
"Paco Don't Preach"
Summer 2003 Tour

things are all ready getting out of hand....
Say hello to the newest member of the Reggie Team. It's Sandra from management, she's out to make sure everyone is taken care of....

notice: in an effort to not disturb the natives, i am merely observing and photographing, from a safe distance, the rituals and customs of the Cult of Reggie.

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That is just so...so...


hey man, i know it was posted a while ago but i can tutor you at algebra, i passed pre calcuclus this year and am elgible for calculus next year and im only going to be a senior in high school

i may come out to see reggie at the troc in philly in august

so is the tutor offer still valid?

oh an by the way im ali, and i saw you through the exalted

you had the hat with 'koufax' on it and well, since theyre amazing i decided to check the lj

Hey, i think i'm surviving in my math class. There's an online program that helps quite a bit. But beyond that, i'm finding i just have to keep trying till i get it. The Reggie show in Philly should be fun, don't tell anyone, but i've been banned from the Troc for years!!!

haha, im scared to ask what you did to get banned...

nothing bad really. back in my merch days i had some disagreements with the house over how much their cut of our merch sales should be. ;)

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