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how am i suppossed to teach myself math when i suck at math
this may sound trivial to you,
but tonight i solved these equations in one try with no help:

7(x + 4) = -3x - 1 + 3(2x - 3)

6(x - 1) + 4 = 2(6x - 9) + 6x

2(x - 8) = 4x - 4 - 3(4x - 2)

3(x-8) - 4 = 6(-6x - 8) + 5x

i know most 8th graders can do this, but they were hard for me, so back off.

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solving for x was probably one of my favorite math problems. the type that made me sigh of relief when i encountered them on quizzes and tests...

sovling for x seems to be about the only thing i'm doing okay at, the idea of graphing gives me shivers.

Ow. That made my eyes hurt just looking at it. Algebra is the reason I stopped taking math in school. My brain doesn't bend that way.

I'm so impressed that you're doing the school thing and the work thing all at once. That rocks.

Thanks! I really don't know how i do it, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and i always feel like i'm just sticking my head down and running full speed into traffic, but some how i'm still in school and working and it's working. I do have to say though, i can't wait to be finished with school so i can be one of those people in santa cruz with degrees who can't get a job ;)

Eesh. I think back to when I was taking algebra, and I had a good grasp on it. I used to fall asleep making up/solving equations. I look at those now, and it makes my eyes hurt. It's been too long, too little use.

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