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Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts

I'm a Leo/Virgo cusp (depending which fashion mag you read) so i threw both up here... very interesting....

Joey is one of the wisest, smartest, best looking people on the planet. Or so at least he would like to think. It's not that Joey is vain - more that he is terribly susceptible to flattery. All Leos suffer from this little weakness. That's because, despite what astrologers are always saying about Leos and their confidence, secretly, deep down, they are a little unsure of themselves. This explains Joey 's tendency to be strongly outspoken and extrovert one moment and quietly anxious the next.

His close friends know all about his tendency towards self doubt. They know what a warm, genuine and generous character he can be, but they also know about his natural sensitivity. Joey 's acquaintances, however, have no such insight. They feel sure that in Joey , they are dealing with a dynamic, energetic and decisive person who is it would be most unwise to cross.

Joey is fiery and feisty - he gives the impression of being someone who knows it all. As a matter of fact, whilst he does not know it 'all', he does know quite a lot of it. Joey is well read, well researched and always well presented. he cuts a dash, he has 'presence.' Heads turn when he enters the room. Joey is aware of the impression he makes but not entirely comfortable with it. He knows that people are responding to his big pretence, not his true personality. That's why he so deeply treasures the company of loved ones who are strong enough to see through his façade and respect him for the mere mortal that he actually is.

Joey is deeply perceptive. Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? Joey could detect a lentil under a million mattresses. Not, you understand that Joey spends his time looking for things to criticise. Far from it, Joey goes out of his way to avoid finding fault. It's just that faults have a way of finding him. It is as if they walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder saying "Joseph , look at me can't you see how badly made\designed\organised I am? Please put me out of my misery. For heavens' sake let someone know what is wrong with me and tell them how to put me right!" Joey is a kind, sympathetic person who is always willing to help. How can he resist such a request? Reluctantly, for he knows it will cause controversy and he hates any form of conflict, he will come bravely to the aid of this poor little problem.

Or so, at least that's how it seems to be. Joey is a Virgo and all Virgos find themselves, for some inexplicable reason, being labelled 'fussy.' Joey , though is actually very broad minded, tolerant and far sighted. He can forgive a thousand transgressions and excuse a multitude of mistakes. You can take advantage of his endless good nature and generally abuse his willingness to be friendly without ever hearing so much as a word of complaint. If, though, as you walk all over Joey you commit the cardinal sin of leaving your shoelaces undone, you will soon hear sharp words of complaint. There is though, a reason why Joey is so often easy going, restrained, and liable to take the blame for things which are not his fault. Given his impeccable eye for detail, his infallible insight into other people, and his accurate good judgement he could soon end up ruling the world. To ensure that others have at least a fighting chance nature has imbued Joey with a small handicap in the shape of a mild (and totally inappropriate) inferiority complex.



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