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the orange glow of the air above LA

Day 10
Location: Los Angeles, CA

I'm writing today from the friendly confines of the Vagrant records office in LA. I just flew in a couple hours ago on Southwest Airlines flight 2223 and despite a rather heavy landing, the ride was nice. Vagrant has changed quite a bit since i was last lounging around the office and eating all the food. Most noticeable is that fact that the office has moved. The now have some smoking digs with lots of room and video games, plus people seem to be actually working pretty hard, which is awesome for the bands on the label. It makes me wonder if i could work here, or would it just become another job, something that would drive me crazy in the end. Who knows. Maybe i'll ask Rich if i can get a job here at Vagrant, i don't think i could get hired here, i don't know how to do shit and i'm lazy and moody and basically a royal pain in the ass. So i got that going for me, which is nice.

It's about 5:30 California time, bus call isn't until midnight, so i've got some time to kill, maybe i'll take a nap on Rich's couch, watch some porn on his tv, or maybe i'll go wreck the bathroom, who knows.

Face to Face was on Carson D last night. I thought the played quite well, a fantastic way to start the tour i think. This should be a good one. I guess i should give any readers a heads up, i don't own a computer, so i won't be able to post everyday, but i'll write (on actual paper!!!) everyday and then type it in whenever i get the chance.

Well, i'm going to go out back to the warehouse and steal some fucking records, Have a pleasant tuesday and kiss someone tonight,
and make it sexy.



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