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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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New Glasses
I got new Glasses... don't laugh.

behold, new glasses. I guess i'm not part of the black glasses club anymore :(
oh well, i wasn't very emo anyway.

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Those are so much fun!

They are kinda fun, i'm starting to like them. But they do make me feel my age a little... weird. Sorry we had to rush out last night at the Red, but my homework was calling and the alarm was set for 4am!!

hey there, just trolling livejournal and you're one of the few people that have "nor cal" as an interest. Then you mentioned edimame as your favorite vegetable and I just had to comment.

The glasses are nice. I'm friending you, you have no choice. ;)

Right on, right on. Looks like i spelled edimame wrong, i'm a horrible speller.

its all good in the hood.

i thought you wanted contacts?

I'm getting them when i get home from this tour so that i can see while i'm surfing (if you can call it surfing... i mostly just get pounded by the waves) But i needed glasses because mine fell apart while was watching tv!!! I'm just sitting there and the next thing i know, they're in my lap... see it's true, tv is bad for you!

you're so beach blanket bingo these days! :)

I think it is boss that you are surfing waves rather than the just the net :) I have never tried surfing but I imagine it being about the same as snowboarding, which I love even though I spend most of the time on my azz.

When you start wearing the contacts you will start looking all clark kent-eque Folks will start wanting you to leaop atll buildings in a single bound and be faster than a speeding bullet, Emily is going to have to start working at a newspaper. It will be chaos.

Re: you're so beach blanket bingo these days! :)

leap tall buildings... emily's parents work/worked at newspapers, is that close enough? I think my ghetto booty would look good in some superman tights ;)

Re: you're so beach blanket bingo these days! :)

Hi, I would like some hot, hot superhero tights in size booty-licious please?

you rule at life, im adding you.

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