Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

Questions Hooray

Name Four Things That You Wished You Had:
math skills
second chances
enough money to support all my friends
a clue

Name Four Scents You Love:
the air before a thunderstorm
salty air by the beach
elle's fur

Name Two People You Know Best:

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear:
never say never

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About:
making a movie
making lasagna

Name Four Things You Did Today:
advanced the Reggie tour
saw Whale Rider w/ emily and Mia
went to target
nursed a hangover

Name Four Bands/Groups Most People Don't Know You Like:
Dixie Chicks
Justin Timberlake
Steve Miller

Current Clothes: jeans, t-shirt, it's a uniform

Current Jewelry: earrings are my bling

Current Mood: anxious

Current Music: Wilco/Billy Bragg Mermaid Ave.

Current Taste: gaudy

Current Hair: going gray

Current Annoyance: myself and math

Current Smell: dirty/ unshowered

Current thing I ought to be doing: studying algebra

Current Desktop Picture: a club in germany

Current Favorite Artist: Coen Brothers

Current Favorite Group: grandaddy

Current Book: Introduction to Fractal Geometry

Current Movie in DVD player: The Big Lebowski

Current Refreshment: water w/ice

Current Worry: money, being away from home, lack of purpose

Current Crush: iMovie (and Emily of course!)

Current Favorite Celebrity: Jesse James of Monster Garage

- hair: short, brown, messy
- height: 5'11
- favorite feature: my ghetto booty

- clothing: black tee and jeans.
- music: lets make some
- makeup: looks good on you
- body art: tat's are sexy
- shoes: i love them

- did: made Mia dinner
- read: Discover magazine
- watched on tv: the Cosby show

- club or house party: house party tricky
- tea or coffee: tea please
- high achiever or easy-going: both at the same time
- cats or dogs: dawgs
- pen or pencil: pens (it's a love affair)
- gloves or mittens: gloves.
- cassette or cd: LP's
- snuff or cigarettes: beef jerky
- coke or pepsi: diet red bull
- matches or a lighter: lighter
- sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: ?

- kill: the dude at JFK who stole things out of my suitcase
- hear from: my old louisville friends, to see how they're doing
- look like: a sexy muthafucker
- be like: a mix of "the dude", steve jobs, bill cosby, and ben franklin

- food: cheeseburgers
- drink: water
- color: mood ring blue
- shoes: cat steel toe boots
- site:
- song: Nelly - Hot in Here
- vegetable: edamame
- fruit: banana

- last movie you saw: Miller's Crossing
- last movie you saw on the big screen: Whale Rider
- last thing you had to drink: H20
- last thing you ate: Easy Mac ... yikes
- last time you cried: this afternoon at the movies (whale rider)
- last time you smiled: minutes ago
- last time you laughed: see above
- last time you danced: shoots, i always be dancing
- last person you hugged: Mia
- last thing you said: g'night boo
- last person you talked to online: Emily
- last thing you smelled: forest fire

DO YOU...?
- smoke: nope
- do drugs: not really
- sleep with a stuffie: ?? i don't think so
- have a dream that keeps coming back: secret agent man
- believe there is life on other planets: in a way
- read the newspaper: almost daily
- have any gay or lesbian friends: yes indeed
- believe in miracles: in a way
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yeah, i do
- consider yourself tolerant of others: i try to be
- consider police a friend or foe: necessary evil
- have a favorite Stooge: i like the whole gang
- believe in astrology: i believe we don't really know what the signs mean
- believe in magic: isn't magic just a process we don't understand?
- pray: everyday, in my own way
- go to church: no thank you.
- have any secrets: who doesn't
- have any pets: i run in roo's pack
- go to or plan to go to college: attending
- have a degree: nope
- wear hats: only for a laugh
- have any piercings: ears
- have any tattoos: three
- hate yourself: some days more than others
- wish on stars: it can't hurt
- like your handwriting: that would be a no
- believe in witches: in a way, but no
- believe in Satan: no
- believe in ghosts: yes
- trust others easily: to a degree
- like sarcasm: only if you're really good at it
- take walks in the rain: yes
- kiss with your eyes closed: yes
- sing in the shower: like old blue eyes, only not in tune
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