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The Great White North

Winnipeg, MB

Well, i'm back in Canada, a country that up until this tour i've hated with every "made in missouri" fiber of my body, but that's changing. I'm slowly making my peace with this country, and slowly, yes very slowly, i'm coming around to it. I can't help but think some of this has to do with finally getting overseas, to say the least, my perspective has changed. To be completely honest, i'm actually starting to like parts of this place, I'm down with Montreal, London, Toronto's okay, Winnipeg's nice, Thunder Bay... has nice scenery, but really, the people i've meet on this tour have made the difference. I've meet some real sweet-hearts this time around, and that counts for quite a bit. I miss Santa Cruz, and it looks like i might actually get to spend some time there after this tour since the TGUK tour isn't happening now. But most likely something will come up, something always does. In the meantime, i'll be trying to relax (yeah right!) and working on my solo record (ha-ha). Oh well, it's Regina... which actually rhymes with vagina.
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