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In The Cruz
The other night, Shannon, Matt, Anna, Kate and I went to the boardwalk for .60 cent night.... we rode a couple rides, but after going on the fireball, we all called it a night. I'll still go on it next time, but i'll save it for last!

.60 cent night at the Santa Cruz boardwalk

if you're the cruz, let us know, and we'll meet you at the boardwalk for the next .60 cent night ;)

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isn't it the best?!?! i can't get enough of the cajun corndogs!!

mmmm. My fav is cheese on a stick. Fat fried in fat!
I go at least twice every summer and I have to ride the Giant Dipper at least twice in a visit.
fun fun fun!
Where in SC do you live?

I live in the infamous P-street house. This blue icon is a picture of our backyard through a blue plate. If you've ever been to see a band play a house show, there's a good chance you were either at P-street or the cube (the other house that has shows).

I've never been any place cool in SC besides the downtown strip. Definitely not a cool BLUE HOUSE!! I have been the the Red Room but I have a feeling that is still not a cool!

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