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In The Land Of Cleve.

Well, i finally have my own computer and i still can't find time to update, i'm a loser. Right now i'm tour managing Face To Face, we're in Cleveland which (sorry kids) doesn't rock at all. This is quite the new experience for me, i've been waiting for a chance to tour manage for quite some time, and i think i'm doing a fairly decent job. Every night there is this feeling that i didn't do something that i should have, however, i don't know what that "is" is. Hopefully i'm not messing up to badly. Who knew that you'd need to know excel to work in rock and roll. Anyhoot, on lighter notes, i finally moved top Santa Cruz! I'm living in the fabulous P-Street house and it's purty cool. I was able to spend almost a whole week and half there (which is longer than i've spent anywhere in the last eight months!) and i pretty much spent the entire time hanging out with Dan, Shannon, Roo and elliott. I got a California drivers license and i registered to vote, whoa-yeah. I even updated my blockbuster account. The way i figure it now, i might actually get to spend two weeks in the cruz after this tour and before the next Get-Up Kids Tour, so i got that going for me, which is nice. Did i mention i got a mac Ibook? it's weird, mac is like a little cult, and i fully back it, this is the best thing i've ever owned (with the exception of my thinline telecaster of course) So here's to California and red wine and nights spent driving fast with radio blaring! Everyone come west, you are invited.
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