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okay, I'm in DC and i just got an e-mail from across the country that nearly made my heart jump out of my chest. it's amazing what an image can do. it's amazing how totally in love with a person you can be. i am amazed daily, at the feelings i am capable of having for this woman, she is everything to me. she gives the minutes meaning and the afternoons purpose. all i have is hers if she wants it, all i want is to be with her, as often as our crazy lives allow.

it's raining in DC. not just raining, but green-sky/lightning, Noah's arc kinda raining. The roof of the Black Cat club is leaking and the water is coming up from the street and in the front door. This will certainly kill our walk up crowd. Oh well. i have to admit, my mind isn't in the game at the moment. my eye isn't on the ball... I'm busy watching the sun go down in the western skyline and wishing for time travel and concord planes. my mood ring i bought at a truck stop in florida tells me that I'm calm, my new favorite color is mood ring blue, and my new favorite words are i love you.

today is the end of week 1 in my math class. wowza that shit flies fast. i can't say that I'm caught up, all my assignments are in, but i can barely even remember doing them. my plan is to lock myself in a room when i get home and do nothing but absorb algebra for a couple days. it's weird not having a teacher there to ask questions. i don't really have a gauge for how I'm doing. taking a math class online is surreal to say the least.

it's almost show time. there are only three more shows on this tour. I'm going to miss the Ash folks, they are truly sweet people and they are a top-notch live band. I can't wait to hear the next record and i hope to be able to work with them again in the future.

gotta run, no time for fun.



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