Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

Go West Young Man...

okay, the reservations are in,
i fly home on the 15th!
i get into San Jose at 10 am!
that's almost like waking up there!
maybe i'll stay up all night in NYC,
taking pictures and doing equations...
oh yeah, did i mention that my next class
started yesterday?
college algebra :(
this may be the windmill that
knocks this errant knight off his horse.
numbers don't do what i want them to,
they get jumbled in my head and turned around
all crazy like
some call this dyslexia,
others call it being street smart not book smart
either way,
math kills me.
the past two day have been a relief,
but tomorrow morning at 8am,
the long drives start up again.
(for those of you that scoff at the idea that getting up at 8am is difficult, remember this, i don't get to actually go to bed until around 3-4am, then, after getting up at 8am, i have to drive the van 5.5 hours to miami, then, once we get there, my day starts all over again and i put in a full days work, then i go to bed around 3 or 4 am, then get up the next day and drive 14 hours to north carolina...
the shows about to start, so I'm off.



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