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does this drive ever end?

days like this suck.
we (or should i say I)
drove last night for a couple hours after the show.
we got to a hotel around 4:30 am and i got to bed around 5
just in time for that 7:15 am wake up call....
i drove all day yesterday,
from Dallas to Houston,
and from Houston to Lake Charles, LA,
not that big a deal,
except that Lance got food poisoning last night
and has been puking for hours
(he just ran back into the bathroom again)
that means basically it's me driving today again,
then we have a 6 am van call tomorrow so we can
make the 9 hour drive from New Orleans to Atlanta,
guess who will be making that run...
i need a fucking day off.
well, we don't have a show the day after Atlanta...
but we also have an 8 hour drive that day to Orlando...
lance just puked again.
well, it's off to the van again.
happy fucking monday.



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