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stuck in the middle (of the mid-west)

i'm in lawrence, kansas. miles and miles from everywhere i want and need to be. i'm paying rent on a room in a house i've never been too in santa cruz
i've got all my stuff in a storage locker in st louis, i've been on tour for six months, i'm jet-lagged, and ready for something,
but i'm not sure what. i have two weeks before the next tour starts, i'm not sure i'll make it out to santa cruz before that, so
that means it will be three months before i even set foot in my new home, such is my life, forever never there.
you'd think that after beeing at work for six months i'd have money in the bank and the desire to live some life...
but i don't. i just want to go back on tour and forget that i one day have to wake up in the same place all the time.
i miss elle and roo, and i miss being in band, i'm not sure if i'll leave the house today, i just found out i'll be in lawrence until thursday or friday
this isn't awful, but at the same time, i don't want to be a pain for rob and adrianne, maybe i can fly striaght to santa cruz from,
that would be awesome. hopefully i can hook up with sara while i'm here, and hopefully i'll be able to get my shit together before
to much longer, i'm 27 now, why do i still feel like i'm 14?
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